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Release Year: 30/08/2022
Cast: Bastienne’s
Genres: scat, lesbian scat, scat girls, eat scat, lesbian scat domination
Video language: English
Work from home SUCKS now that my pervert boss decided to record everyone during work hours. He also insisted that we install cams UNDER our desks because he’s a total scum bag. He insisted that we dress professionally and stick to a regular 9-5 work schedule. Speaking of ‘rEgUlaR’, i actually take a big, stinky DUMP every morning. That used to be private but … hey! Why not share it, right? If he wants to watch every-fucking-thing I do all day, he’ll see EVERY fucking moment. Be careful who you perv on I guess!
Nothing annoys me more than a picky eater and I REFUSE to let you become one! If you’re going to turn your nose up at EVERYTHING that your Step-Mommy makes for you then I have no choice but to punish you accordingly. You want something that tastes bad? I’ll give you something that tastes AWFUL and it’ll be your only meal option until you get your attitude in check!
File name:
File size: 728 MB, Duration: 00:10:16
Video: 1920×1080, Audio: 151 kb/s


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