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Release Year: 24/06/2017
Cast: MandyFlores
Genres: Poop Videos, Toilet Slavery
Video language: English
You only married me because I am rich and submissive, I have given you all I own just to be near you. After my wedding vows of obedience and slavery it is our wedding night. Snap your fingers (Master appears with his dick in hand) Meet the cock of your new Master! You will not only serve and submit to me but to your lord and Master too. Now bow down cuckold! On your knees slave… Now slave, kiss your Masters cox! I am not gay and try to resist! Laugh, You can’t resist me, wrap the fur tail over the base of Master dick, mmmm, like Masters fur cox? Between you in your furs and Master fur cox I melt and submit. Suck it bitch! Spit on the end of Masters dick and have me lick it off…., kiss it…., suck it… me as he thrusts it in my face…….. You will be a cum dumpster for our amusement…Anything for my Fur Goddess and Master……..Then, as that humiliation is not enough you break the news that I will be made into your personal eating toilet. You both shit onto a place right in my face. And that is were is where you feed me (the camera) with a plate full of your shit. While now all i see is close ups of your face feeding me. I will be made to eat my Goddess and Master’s chocolate for the rest of my life, all i will eat.. filling my mouth with your , tasting, savoring every bite…… Rubbing it over my face, up my nose to smell all day……Lots of detail of serving you both, a superior couple filling their owned slaves mouth with filth….everyday for the rest of my life….Until do me part, for me fur slave…..Look into my eyes with a mouth full of my brown for us…. Mock me to Master and laugh as i eating your …… blow kiss goodbye. ….. Mandy Flores
File name: Fur Cuck Toilet
File size: 753 MB, Duration: 00:10:23
Video: 1920×1080, Audio: 192 kb/s


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