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Watch full video from FASTBIT


Release Year: 22/11/2019
Cast: Victoria, Babi Ventura, Saori Kido, Jennifer Avila
Studio: NewScatinBrazil
Video code: MF-7912-1
Genres: newscatinbrazil, scatinbrazil, mfx video,, NEWMFX
Video language: English
Babi, Jennifer and Victoria are glad that the house is quiet today, but Saori Kido arrives to haunt their peace. The girl complains about the cold shower and the lack of food, enough to irritate the three girls who cannot contain themselves and dominate Saori together. Saori talks so much shit that now they’ll fill her mouth with shit! Didn’t she complain of hunger? Then now she will eat all the digested food that will come from the intestines of these three girls. They rub their asses on Saori’s face, and are soon shitting on a funnel and making her chew it. In three different colors and consistencies, the shit comes out of the asses and is spread over Saori’s body and face, so that the girl never complains about anything again!
File name: MF-7912-1-1_8000
File size: 2.15 GB, Duration: 00:38:17
Video: 1920×1080, Audio: 128 kb/s


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